You don't have to clarify anything. As far as I am concerned this so called war between Russia and Ukraine is complete bullshit. We are being schmooed by the media. I absolutely refuse to take sides in this latest world wide propaganda war. Nothing more than a convenient diversion for the failing world governments of the so called G20. As far as I am concerned you have a much better grasp of world events than many of the comments I read on your earlier post. Apparently we have managed to transfer our politically correct response from covid to Ukraine. Hell will freeze over before I contribute anything to this latest traversity of world events.

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Who would believe we are at a point in history where that is actually a possibility!

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Mar 14, 2022Liked by Jestre

Repeat from last post:

So which country is worth going into a thermonuclear war over?

If you state Ukraine isn't, there needs must be a cut-off as to which country is. I'm not being facetious here, just curious if you actually have thought about where your line is, and how much you are willing to sacrifice befor getting there.

Having been in at the sharp end, though on a much more smaller scale, I now where my lines are. Most people don't because either they lack lines they won't cross, or they have never been forced to push up against them and make that choice where all the options aren't only bad but also wrong.

(And I must say, it is very much preferable to never have to make such choices. If you are very cloes friends with a doctor or nurse having worked in a war one, ask them about doing triage on children after an artillery strike or an air raid on a civilian target. Bring a gallon of scotch.)

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