I like that there are so many cases, you had to alphabetize them 😁.

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Random observance....no drugs begin with the letters F, I, J, K, M, O, Q, U or Y. Yet.

Remember how one woman saved the US back in the 1960's by not letting

Doctors prescribe Thalidomide as a sleeping pill. Frances Oldham Kelsey.

Kennedy gave her a medal for it and then...

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Makes Dr Harold Shipman look like a rank amateur.

This was deliberate mass- murder, wasn't it? I mean, there is no nice way to gloss that. But the Public Prosecutor won't touch it.

I'm wondering what recourse there is for relatives under the Common Law and I'm inclined to think that the no-win, no-fee, class action route might be the best way to get to the truth.


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PLS TWEET this, y’all!! @elonmusk is a good place

to start.

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The drug cartel.

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