another company that should long have been put out of business. May be a bit less deadly than Pfizer but not by much I guess. Thanks for the update !

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Suck it Tony

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Since they use models for virtually everything now, computer models at that, and probably models for designing models and neuronet learning and so on - why should I trust so-called scientists who don't even do their own basic legwork anymore but instead just work as they were on an assembly line following a set blueprint?

That's not science.

The wife's grandfather who was a researcher in molecular biology, cellular ditto, and related subjects (did lots of work for Astra decades ago among other things) often remarked that you can't work in such a fashion as the do now (though it wasn't called models back then): "You can't call following a recipe science; researching how the recipe must be put together to get the desired effect is science, and finding out the how and the why of all the ingredients, and their ingredients, and their cosntituent parts is science" - paraphrasing an impromptu lecture he gave on the supposed miracle of beta-blockers and why media and politicians always get it wrong when they annoint and sanctifiy the next wonder drug.

But the funniest anecdote is him showing why modern medicine was becoming more and more rubbish: you either calculate the MOL exactly, or round it off. Now, his explanation was way too technical for me but when dealing with thousands of a gram of the active substance, a rounding error of the MOL can have a large effect was his point.

I guess the businesses employing natural scientists nowadays don't care squat for actual science, only marketability, the bottom line, and not being liable for damages. Tell me again about how different capitalism is from communism when it comes to caring about human life?

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