thanks for this, I am glad they have been ordered to do this by the Highwire/ICAN...I have supported them and they delivered!

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I hope you are following the results from 3000+ volunteers from Warroom and Daily Clout pouring over the Pfizer documents at www.DailyClout.io

Lawsuits have commenced.

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From the Appendix 1 list of adverse reactions of concern in the post marketing pdf (which may be a previously released doc not in this March dump) It is clear that nothing was going to intervene in going forward.

If that list was not considered a threshold met by any oversight body (i.e. gov dept) that far more dangerous waters were ahead in going forward with any rollout, then there is not too much to say.

Other than, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, had been the playbook.

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what is the program used to open pfizer documentation

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I don't know what anyone else is seeing, but what I'm seeing makes no sense at all.... ??? *********************************************************************************;

** Program Name : adc19ef-ve-cov-7pd2-wo-eval.sas **;

** Date Created : 22Mar2021 **;

** Programmer Name : WUY169 **;

** Purpose : Create adc19ef-ve-cov-7pd2-wo-eval **;

** Input data : adc19ef **;

** Output data : adc19ef-ve-cov-7pd2-wo-eval.html **;


options mprint mlogic symbolgen mprint symbolgen mlogic nocenter missing=" ";



proc datasets library=WORK kill nolist nodetails;


%let prot=/Volumes/app/cdars/prod/sites/cdars4/prjC459/nda2_unblinded_esub/bla_esub_adam/saseng/cdisc3_0;

libname datvprot "&prot./data_vai" access=readonly;

%let codename=adc19ef-ve-cov-7pd2-wo-eval;

%let outlog=&prot./analysis/esub/logs/&codename..log;

%let outtable=&prot./analysis/esub/output/&codename..html;

/* proc printto log="&outlog" new; */

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