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I find the notion that someone's freedom of speech is something to be voted on at all detestable, and I don't think I'm far from the mark if I was to claim that was one of the points Musk wanted to make: there are some things that we simply do not decide by popular opinion.

Just because we have 50%+ of a vote going a certain waydoe not make that moral, ethical ,good, necessary, excusable, or any other such value-laden term. The one thing it means,the only thing it means, is that out of those who voted and out of the votes correctly given and correctly tallied, 50%+ went one way instead of another.

That's the only thing it means.

Yet, generations of "democracy equals intrinsically good and just decisions"-conditioning down to a so basic level it is on par with our perception of gravity has done its damage, and not even the majority of people who study history and politics and economics can think in any other way.

Regarding your posting schedule: you offer content for free, no obligations or terms or conditions. That means any pace you set is a-okay, so don't sweat it.

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The worship of this concept of "democracy" is a problem.

Aside from the fact that we have representative democracy, where campaign promises are uncorrelated to policy outcomes, consider what you'd want decided by a democracy even if we could vote on particular policies.

- Would you want putting the mandated materials in a car to a nationwide vote?

- Would you want putting mandated vaccines to a nationwide vote?

- Would you want putting the contents of next tuesday's lunch to a nationwide vote?

The idea that 'democracy' solves problems is an illusion. Freedom is what we need, to be able to decide the trade-offs and opportunity costs of our choices and options - as individuals.

Thank you for reading.

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