One thing that shows premeditation is that australia and NZ waited until their winter to jab ppl. Most western countries started jan 2021 - March 2021, but for some reason australia and NZ waited. And its not because they are poor. They knew the jabs would create a spike in cases and they tried to hide it in their seasonal wave

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It is fraud.

Could be financial fraud to hide how many shots were given out to get kickbacks, hide the shots that fell off a truck", who knows.

Could be fraud to make the vaxx appear better, but that is dangerous, because of the lies, the recipients lack true informed consent, and as far as I concerned, pushing a shot that has a known nasty safety profile is murder.

Either way, these two things are why I think the PTB will continue to embrace tyranny and ultimately will push for Totalitarianism, becasue these murdering fraudsters know their day of reckoning is coming without protection from their goons.

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How evil does someone have to be to do this?

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Another problem of comparing vaxxed/unvaxxed is that no one ever reports on comorbidities.

What about people that are "too sick to vax"? For example, if you had terminal cancer or were on dialysis would you get the jab? What would be the point?

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Mckinsey group was hired as consultants to Ford government. We were told this happened after a random "cold call." Quebec, N.J., and N.Y. also hired Mckinsey. All four had the worst LTC outcomes. Mckinsey has close ties to BMGF. A coincidence? I think not...

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Do you know all LTC deaths were automatically listed as Covid in 2020?

In Ontario

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I overlaid the Jabs Administered / 100 over Daily Deaths "from covid" in Australia. Look and draw your own conclusions.


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I'm a seasoned data specialist with experience in both Ontario/Canada healthcare and Pharma as well as US drug manufacturers. My focus quickly became the low risk of not taking the vaccine. Covid was rare even in the big city until Omicron, which I got. Later, a few things became especially alarming, considering this being the mass introduction of a novel vaccine (or even new therapeutic concept) into Canadian society:

~The lack of GxP and pharmacovigilance (Vaccine Producers)

~The lack of selectiveness in application (Gov. Executive>Health Advisory Bodies)

~The lack of government data transparency, which turned into data obfuscation (as in this case) (Gov. Executive>[dark pool]???)

~The totalitarian censorship and suppression of the inquiring views (Gov. Executive>Cabinet + Gov.Legislative>Parliament + Gov.Judicial>[selected judges]???+ Media "the fourth branch")

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