You may have to take over for Alex. He's in serious trouble with his substack subscribers. He basically threw Dr. Robert Malone under the bus on a segment with both of them on Fox TV.

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Thank you for this. Have you seen the Scotland data? Shows vaxxed at substantially increased risk of hospitalization and death over unvaxxed. I never see anyone talking about this and they are among the few who post deaths divided by vaxxed status. Page 44 is hospitalizations and page 50 is deaths. I've seen this report referenced for cases but never looking at deaths.


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Jan 26, 2022·edited Jan 26, 2022

(not related to actual article) but wanted to pass on the 'criminality' occurring in the covid stats being reported in Canada now (Alberta in this example) See here: [not deliberately advertising other site but can't fit in comments here] https://freecanada.win/threads/10152/

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"The peak does not occur until day 34 after vaccination."

perhaps worth considering the possibility that we're seeing something new in terms of lag because omi is a far more successful vaccine evasion variant and is likely actually being amplified by it.

so you get the clinically documented 2 week immunosuppression period (likely TLR based) dovetailing into higher susceptibility due to poor antigenic imprinting from a narrow therapeutic inoculant that trained for antibodies to the wrong spike protein. (OAS)

this is why mRNA vaccines are such a poor idea. they do not teach broad resistance, are unlikely to be sterilizing, and because they leak will rapidly select for escape and hoskins effect variants.

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Jestre, glad that you are interpreting the data for us and doing it in an objective manner. This issue is so politicized and polarized that the majority cannot or do not want to see what is going on, including members of my family with math degrees!!! I find it disheartening that in this day and age critical thinking and questioning has gone out of style.

Please keep up the good work fellow Canadian, and one day we shall reclaim our claim of being strong and free.

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I went on to this website can any Doctors or nurses anyone answer and explain how many covid shots are in a batch? I just had a client her grandson checked out the website it said 20 died from the batch number. I am not understanding about the batch. Please explain?


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Jan 21, 2022·edited Jan 21, 2022

To explain the change in curve for 5-11 yr old kids:

1. Dosage!?!? If this is Pfizer the 5-11 kids are getting 1/3 the dose (in absolute terms) that adults get?

2. Its all in the brand!?!? The teenagers and older folks got either Moderna or Pfizer? Moderna isn't approved for the 5-11 kids? If I recall correctly, Ontario used both brands and the data showed that Moderna was worse than Pfizer for myocardatis + pericarditis among teenage boys. But these graphs from Alberta may pool data from both Pfizer and Moderna?

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You know this is an extermination exercise, not a public health one, don't you? Why not call it for what it is and not debate the age brackets?

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Crossposting my thoughts on this:

1) Since children were vaccinated last, they were the least likely to have a shortage. Hence that might explain why nearly 100% of their cases (in red) seemed to be done by 45 days.

2) Note the second dose does have an obvious spike right afterwards. It is just smaller.

3) The second dose spike has a better causal case than the first (IMO). If that could be established, it would increase the likelihood that the first dose spike is also at least in part causal (conditional probability).

4) Survivorship bias, natural immunity gained between the doses, and vaccine immunity from the first dose might all attenuate the size of the second spike.

5) Indeed, there are no denominators in those charts. Though I suppose “seeding” the next covid wave could be the most significant issue in question, even if the spikes are not huge.

6) If either spikes were due to coincidental covid waves, you might not expect the spike peaks to overlap so perfectly by age group, and to do so in both doses. And yet they do. But in refutation of this, look 190 days after dose two. All the age group peaks line up there as well. That does not look natural to me, yet it is too far away from vaccines to be causal. Any clue why they line up so well there???

7) The only “normal” age group is kids less than 12. They *DO* look like what you ought to expect. Nicely spread out over 45 days.

8) There are no kids under 12 on the 2nd dose case chart. Could be their immune systems are more resilient to the vaccine. Or perhaps vaccines are 100% effective in kids. Or perhaps they just didn’t plot it.

9) First and second dose efficacies could kick in after 1 week, thereby reducing the peaks. Though I am skeptical. (How soon do they claim it kicks in?) The first dose had shortages and was probably given throughout that springtime covid wave. Thus, the second dose probably did not occur under any worse conditions. And two doses should give more protection than one. Yet by 30 days, dose one and two case counts are already heading the opposite directions.

10) Perhaps those with vaccine side effects think they have covid, and get more tests. Artefact of testing. But since second dose has more side effects than the first, one would expect the second spike to be even bigger if that were the cause. Also, since side effects are more or less immediate, one might expect the spike to be shifted even more to the left.

11) Both dose spikes occur at like 6 to 8 days. This makes me think those peaks are at least in part causal. Causal explanations could include immunosuppression, a testing artifact, or vaccine efficacy (VE) kicking in.

My conclusions:

I’m leaning towards a causal explanation, of which I can think of three. For the reasons mentioned, I am skeptical of a testing artifact or VE kicking in. That leaves immunosuppression. I don’t see anything explicit that refutes it.

This snapshot still has the charts being interactive:


And read this title!:

"USA, state-by state analysis: vaccinations increase COVID19 cases 3-6 days later"


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Also, Saskatchewan has now changed its reporting, this is how it looks (Jan 17):

This is how Sask is reporting their hospitalizations under their new procedure:

As of January 17th, a total of 167 individuals are hospitalized; including 154 inpatient hospitalizations, and 13 ICU hospitalizations. Of the 167 patients, 57 (34.1%) were not fully vaccinated.

The SHA dashboard includes 167 hospitalizations: 154 residents are inpatient: of those, 67 inpatient hospitalizations are a COVID-19 – related illness, 52 are incidental, COVID infections and 35 have not yet been determined. 13 residents are in ICUs: of those, eight (8) are for COVID-19 – related illnesses, five (5) are for incidental, COVID infections.

(5/8 down page)


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Jestre, not related to this article but passing on that BC has changed the way it reports covid hospitalizations from Jan 14 - As some Provinces just started differentiating Covid hospitalizations between being entered because of it & just testing positive with it whilst being treated for some other reason, BC to start classing every patient in hospital who tests positive for COVID-19 to be included in daily numbers!!


Or Archive link of article https://archive.ph/Zopad

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